Saturday, October 1, 2011

Cookie Cutter Pancakes

I had this super simple idea yesterday while I was making pancakes for my little lady. We have all made Mickey Mouse pancakes and other shapes I'm sure. Why not try cookie cutters?! I grabbed my Halloween cookie cutters and this is what I did.

Poured the mix into the cookie cutters.

Added some fresh blueberries. What breakfast is complete without fresh fruit?

A couple of tips:

-Spray your cookie cutters with cooking spray.
-Let your pancake bubble a little, then remove your cookie cutter. If needed, use a knife to go around the sides to remove.
-I hope this is obvious, but don't use a plastic cookie cutter on a hot pan!

Now, we have some pumpkins and ghosts!  (Boo! as my little one would say!)

Of course, your ghost's will need some blueberries for eyes too!

The eyes probably won't last long! Pancakes are so much more fun to eat this way!


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