Sunday, April 10, 2011

Antique Phone Table and a New Pillow

Two weeks ago, I found this beauty while "gargage saling". I'm told it's an antique phone table. I love this piece antique or not, especially for only $20 bucks!!


My original idea was to distress and possibly paint this piece. However, when I "googled" the "How To's":

I kept seeing this...
Step one: Make sure your piece is not a valuable antique. Changing the finish could destroy its worth.

So, I "googled" antique phone table and everything else similar, but I couldn't find it or anything close to it anywhere. I thought about it a little more, and because I didn't want to ruin this piece and because it already matches the wood in our living room, I decided I would restore versus redo.... for now! :o)

I mixed up 3/4 of vegtable oil and 1/4 of vinegar courtesy of a post I found at Miss Mustard Seed's Blog and applied it with 000 steel wool very gently. It was already in such great condition, and this process made it look even better!


I thought a fun pillow would be a nice accessory for my phone table. This is wall art in our house... but if you look close, it could be a great stencil too!

I used a white canvas like fabric (it's softer than actual canvas), turned my wall art around so my paint wouldn't ruin it, and mixed up some green!

I had some left over burlap from a previous project, so I "framed" my art with it. I didn't get too fancy here. I just used hot glue!

I also added some twine on the inside of my burlap with hot glue. Then, sewed my pillow with a fun brown, tan and green trim.

As a side note: This was my first sewing project! I took Home Economics in high school, but was never good at sewing and did very little. My mom brought my grandpa's sister's old sewing machine to me over Christmas and I told myself I was going to learn. I found and bought the manual online and I'm so excited to start sewing!! I broke 3 needles on this project!!!! Yes, I said 3 needles... on a pillow!! I'm a beginner for sure!! :o)


I'm pretty thrilled how everything turned out!!

It's like it was made for this spot in our home!

If anyone knows more about this "antique" I would love if you left me a comment or emailed me about it!

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  1. I like the design on your pillow. More than likely you were using a needle that was for light weight fabrics. That could be why so many broke. Try one for heavier weight fabrics when they keep breaking and see if that helps. That's normally what works for me.

    Your phone table is cute too. My mom has one, only without a chair. It was her grandmother's, and yes back in the day, they really did use these tables to hold their phone. She ended up restaining hers after an antique dealer told her that is what he would do, but hers really did need to be redone some way. Glad you were able to bring life to yours without redoing it.

  2. I love your little phone cute! Your pillow turned out darling too.

  3. This is great! Good job!
    Thanks for visiting me :)

  4. What an adorable table, I love it. I like that you kept it as is. Fabulous job on the pillow as well. I'm also a beginner and that looks way too advanced for me!


  5. Very cute phone table. Back in the day when phones had cords (how long ago was that), you needed a place to sit while you talked. I think you did a great job on it!

  6. Audrey, Since true antiques need to be at least 100 years old to truly be classied as antique, your phone table falls in to the "vintage" category. If the finish is in good shape leaving it as is,as you did, was best for value if you want to sell it.

  7. Ah, that table is wonderful. I have to say, I'm so glad you decided to restore it! There's so much going on out in blogland for painting furniture, but sometimes, leaving it alone is a great option as well! I love the natural wood for this piece and you did a great job to bring in back to life. The pillow looks EXCELLENT, you should feel very proud of it! Great job.

  8. The pillow looks great on your antique desk.

  9. Love it! And it looks perfect in its new home. You are so adorable and I love your blog. I'm gonna follow from now on.

  10. Great job on the pillow!!
    I am hosting my first linky party today and would love for you to link up! :) {nifty thrifty sunday}

  11. I love that flower design! it's so cute on the pillow. awesome job :)

    Thanks for linking up to Your Whims Wednesday! Hope to see ya again later this week :)

  12. Looks great! Thanks for auditioning for OMTWI!!

  13. It looks great just where it is! I'm reluctant to paint anything that is still nice, too!

  14. Looooove that phone table! What a find!

  15. I love the phone table! And you did a great job restoring it! I would love one of those for my house. I wish they still sold accessories like that at the bell - deerfoot meadows store!

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