Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Closet Clean Up!

As it turns out, I'm not really a fan of sliding closet doors. I don't have a problem with how they look. My issue is the amount of space they waste. There is always one side of the closet you can't get to!

Clearly, this closet was used for storage. The kind of storage where you just throw it in there, shut the door really fast and pray nothing falls. This was fine and dandy before my little one started opening the doors (I mean where else am I supposed to put ALL of her stuff?), but now, I really want to make use of this space and get it organized! First idea, bye-bye doors!! 

This is where we are for now... BUT, I'M NOT DONE! This is just the clean up! I still need to put up my new doors, find a cute shoe organizer and add a couple more things!!

I'm pretty excited about the new cubes with fabric drawers - they store tons of stuff and best of all you can't see it!! Added bonus, I found them at Fry's Market Place where they were on sale $15 cheaper than Target AND the drawers were buy one get one FREE!! You know how I love a good deal!

Stay tuned for the final reveal!!


  1. Looks beautiful! I hate sliding closet doors too! I took them all out of my house :)

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