Saturday, October 8, 2011


I'm sure I have mentioned it before, but we bought our home planning to make some changes, mainly cosmetic, nothing too crazy. I love making a place your own! It can be a lot of work depending on the project, but it's always worth the work in the end.

I thought I would share the progress of our latest project. This is the kitchen, BEFORE

It's fine, but we thought it could be much improved if we got rid of the smaller counter top above the bigger counter top, and removed the elbow around it to open up the area. You can't really tell from the picture, but the smaller counter top isn't wide enough to actually use the space for eating. It's also at a weird height. So, it ends up becoming the place where we throw the mail, keys and whatever other junk we could find to put there which equals ONE GIANT EYE SORE!

I was never a fan of these counter tops.  To me they looked pink, even though they are really some sort of beige. 

Ooops, I also burned the counter top a couple of months ago. I actually like the burnt color better than the pink, but I'm not too crazy about the ring. I used to hide it under a dishtowel.

Did I really just share that?

  One more before shot! It's not horrible, but it could be better!

See ya later elbow! This part was actually super easy. Super messy, but super easy! We have an awesome neighbor who came over with his Sawzall and cut it down for us.

Next, I picked out some granite, that was a pretty fun morning in a hard hat! I went with Giallo Santo. I liked the overall lightness and specs of black, brown and white that matches everything you see with the space now opened to the living room furniture too.

What do you think? So much better right? My absolute favorite part is our new seating area! Obviously, we don't have a ton of counter top space, so every little bit helps!

Old, out dated sink!

New under mounted sink & faucet. The old sink was 50/50 and this one is 60/40. So, one side is a little bigger and it's deeper, which I really love! Plus, with this faucet's neck I can fill a pot with water while resting it in the middle! Yay, to the simple things!

 A couple more before and after shots...



We still have lots to do to get the kitchen how we want it, but I wanted to share the progress!


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  2. You're making great progress.

    - The Tablescaper



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