Monday, March 28, 2011

PB Knock Off

So, I came across these adorable yard signs in last month's Pottery Barn and loved them! However, I wasn't too crazy about spending $49.99 + shipping on them. What's a girl to do? I know!!! Make my own!!!

One beautiful 70 degree morning my little lady and I took a walk to Lowe's and bought some wood. The wood for my sign measures 10" x 14", and Lowe's even cut it for me! I also purchased a skinny piece of wood to hold my sign. I already had enough acrylic paint at home to mix up some colors for decorating.

I used an electric sander to smooth the edges.

I decided to make the chick sign. I just mixed a little blue with white, and painted the entire piece of wood.

Next, I just stenciled "Egg Hunt" onto my sign.

 Add your chick!

I used a q-tip to add the white dot border. I didn't have the "proper" paint brushes so I had to get creative!

Add, the shell, arrow and some more dots.

I used some of my Distress Ink on the edges.

Now that your sign is finished, just add some Gorilla Glue to the skinny piece of wood, set a heavy plant on top and let it dry. 

It's not Pottery Barn, but for only $6.00, it's close enough for me!!

Find it at these Link Parties!


  1. Love it Audrey...amazing as always :-)

  2. Absolutely adorable! I wish I trusted my shaky hands to paint such a great baby chick and egg!

  3. I loved those signs too, and I love yours just as much!! Thanks for the incentive to make it myself! :o)

  4. New follower from Wandering Wednesday Blog Hop! Hope you cans stop by and return the follow :)


  5. Very cute--a nice addition to your front porch. :)

    ~ Sarah

  6. I'll take yours over Pottery Barn's any day! Very cute and i love the colors

    ~Jill from 'Just dream, Jelly Bean!'

  7. Adorable! I think yours turned out cutter that the PB ones. Thanks for the step by step instructions. I'm going to try to make one myself.

  8. Love this idea! Your sign turned out so cute!!!

  9. hiya i'm maggie and visiting from paisleypassions , i am your newestfollower too , what a great way to save money and gain the satisfaction knowing you did it yourself x tfs and hope to see you at mine sometime x

  10. lOVE IT!! Looks just the PB one and what a savings!!

  11. So cute! I cannot even imagine paying $49.99 for a sign that I could make. And you make it look so easy. Great job!

    PS. I would LOVE to be able to walk to Lowes!!



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