Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Crafting with your Cupid

We all know the great holiday of Looovvvee is right around the corner. This is only my little cupid's second Valentine's Day. She was still pretty new for the first one, so obviously, she isn't a crafting pro... yet. I still wanted to do something fun for Daddy & her Grandparents. We kept it simple and cute and my little love bug was part of each project.

First, we made cupcakes! By, we I mean me, at least for this step. I found the cute heart cupcake liners and toppers at Fry's with all of their Valentine's stuff. I already had the cheetah print liners. I thought they would be fun too!

Here's where my assistant really came through with a little help from the head chef... She sprinkled the cupcakes and added the heart on top! I recommend doing the sprinkles over the sink if you will be using your assistant for this project. As a precaution, the head chef should eat at least two of the cupcakes. This of course, is to ensure they are edible for others. :o)

Now, for our crafts. For this portion you will need these supplies, plus one heavy addiction to Hobby Lobby and a discounted Valentine section. Hobby Lobby's is currently 40% off.

 Our first Valentine is a puppy made of hearts.

All you have to do is cut out different colors and sizes of hearts and make a puppy. Your assistant can help you with the stick glue and pasting the hearts. I held on to my assistant's hand with the marker and we wrote, - I "ruff" you! - on the puppy! 

Next, we made Valentines with scrapbooking paper and buttons!

My assistant placed the buttons on the hearts for me. First, I traced a heart (seen on the right), and buttons were glued inside. But, then I realized it would probably be easier if she had a bold target for placing the buttons. This is why the card on the left has the red paper heart behind the buttons. They are both super cute, so you could do either depending on your assitants age.

This craft was just a foam heart frame kit. The hearts are sticky so you just peel them off and stick them to your frame. Then, add a picture and your done! I loved this one because my assitant was able to do most of the work. I kept this Valentine - it's on our fridge!! 

I saved my favorite for last. This one is for Daddy! A scrapbooked card with my assistants footprints stamped into a heart. I used acrylic paint to stamp the heart. (Make sure you test whatever you plan to use on your skin first - make sure it's safe and washable!!) Now, you have an adorable card and keepsake!

I just Looovvvee Valentine's Day! 


  1. wow you went to town on some crafts! I hope you saved a cupcake for me?lol.... i love the footprint heart card!

  2. Thanks guys!! Haha, Candice... I'm might have to make some more before I see you next. The hubby and my brother have been going to town on them! ;o)



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