Friday, February 11, 2011

Decor Love

I thought I would continue on in the Valentine spirit and share some things I'm in love with right now! So, I pretty much have to have these, or something close to it. I'm sure I could come up with my own, less expensive version...

Honestly, how perfect would they be here? I would find a way to incorporate the light.

And... how cute are these? They are the type of decoration you could keep up all year and just add decor for the holidays. For example, flowers for spring, stars and ornaments, maybe a little green tree for Christmas, pastel eggs for Easter, some type of fun skull for Halloween...I could go on, but I think you get the idea.

Cherry blossoms in large different colored glasses would be great for spring. I'm really not a pink kind of girl, but I must admit cherry blossoms are so fun!

Usually, this table isn't so bare. I'm preparing it for great would the cherry blossoms and lanterns be here? Subtract the bowl of balls. (I've got a project for those. I'll be sure to post it soon!)

Absolutely adore this bedroom! It pretty much has everything I love, bright colors, green plants. SERIOUSLY, love that headboard!! Maybe it's time to finally show our master bedroom some love. It's pretty much been our last care. We figure, we'll get to it, let's just worry about the stuff other people actually see. :o)

I have a great idea for my own cute watering can. (Post to follow!!)

The hubby just asked me the other day if we are "doing gifts for Valentine's Day". Gotta love it & him! Ha! Well, I agree, we don't really need to get each other anything, but a little something would be nice. Besides, I just gave him a bunch of ideas, assuming of course, he reads his wife's blog. I would love some cherry blossoms in a mason jar from Hobby Lobby, we're probably looking at $10 bucks! That's easy!! :o)

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  1. Love it, girl! Love the Pottery Barn laterns, the cherry blossoms, and really really love the watering cans. I love slightly country things like that - sort of distressed! Keep on posting :-)



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