Friday, April 22, 2011

Easter Egg Stuffers

Did you already stuff your Easter eggs?

Considering it's Friday and Easter is SUNDAY, I'm sure most of you have. Oh well, I'm a last minute kind of gal and for those of you that are too, here are a couple ideas. For those of you that do things in advance, here are some ideas for next year?!

Part of the reason I am just now stuffing eggs is that it took me this long to figure out what I was going to put in them! I am stuffing eggs for a baby (really a toddler, but I'm just not ready for that word)! It's going to be our first year for trying out an EGG HUNT!! I'm so excited. But, anyways, I can't stuff them with candy or most small things that fit in the eggs because of choking hazards and I'm a mean mom and don't give her candy yet! I know the usual egg stuffing ideas, and I have some of that too, but I wanted to be different...
I always have to be different...

Walking down an isle in the grocery store I spotted the game Barrel of Monkeys!!!


They are a perfect fit in the bigger sized eggs. This again works out... bigger eggs should be easier for a baby to see when compared to the smaller ones!

I realize she probably won't be able to hook the arms and actually play the game. But, it is still great for putting all the monkeys in the barrel and dumping them back out. Eventually, she will be able to hook the arms and count them!

I work better underpressure. I probably never would have come up with this idea if I started my shopping last month or even the beginning of this month.

Next, I found these little cuties in the clearance section of Hobby Lobby.

They are beginners washable markers in animal shapes that also fit perfectly into the bigger Easter eggs! Add a Easter coloring book to your little ones basket and you are set!

Lastly, some classic choices. Can you really ever go wrong with Hot Wheels and raisins? 

As a side note: Make sure you don't get a super big Hot Wheel or it won't fit into your eggs!

Happy Easter!

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  1. Such simple and cute ideas for the baby/toddler set. I also like to use Annie's Homegrown Bunny Grahams.

  2. Cute ideas! Our 8 week old is going to be getting candy this year. Guess who eats it? (Dad and Mom) Maybe next year I could try some of your ideas.

  3. Great ideas! My kids are 3 and 5 and would still love these items in their eggs. One monkey per egg is so great too, they would be so excited to "build" their game through the hunt. Writing this down for next year :-)

    Stopping by from Sundae Scoop linkup, come over and say hello if you want!


  4. Great idea. Lovely blog. Please do visit my blog and leave your footprints behind by posting comments:-

  5. aw these are all cute ideas!! I did an easter egg hunt with my fiancé's family with dollar bills hid inside, perfect kind of hunt for us grown ups :)

    Thanks for linking up to Your Whims Wednesday!! Hope to see ya again this week :)

  6. Love your cute eggs, Audrey. I just became your 99th more to 100! Have a nice weekend ♥ stop by and visit!

  7. What a fun Blog, I filled eggs for my grand peep she had so much fun opening them, and I had fun filling them. I am your newest follower, stop on over sometime and say hi!

  8. Just noticed...your 100th follower is my sister in

  9. Okay, I am seriously officially stalking you now! LOL! I love your blog! You are so cute and have such great ideas! We need to hang out so I can learn more from you! Can't wait til your next post!



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