Saturday, February 12, 2011

Special Delivery

Take a good long look at this bad boy because when I'm done with him, he will be unrecognizable!! (It's minus a drawer because I took it out to begin sanding!)

So, in this great state they have what they call large item pick up. One day of the week each month, you can literally put anything you want on your curb and the trash company comes by to get it. Clearly, this system is a win-win. One, you can get rid of your junk very easily, and two, you can snatch up other people's junk at a more than reasonable price...FREE DOLLARS!!!

I had been on the look out for a new dresser for the hubby and I for quite sometime. You'd never believe my excitement when we turned the corner to our neighborhood and I saw this guy sitting by the curb. I told the hubby we just had to have it. He looked at me like I was crazy. When I told him we needed a new dresser, I'm sure this is not what he expected. But, he wasn't about to disagree with his very pregnant wife (literally - I had our daughter two days later). So, he attempted to load it, but it didn't fit in the back of the Tahoe. The poor guy took me home, walked to the end of the block and carried it drawer by drawer and then the shell, all the way home! And now, over a year after he went through the trouble of delivering my dresser, I'm finally going to make it beautiful!

One of my favorite features, a standing dresser! Yay for legs!!

LOOK! I found a heart inside!! I wonder what this dresser's story is??!!

One drawer sanded and ready to go! (There are two things I can't live without so far in my new life as a DIYer, my sander and glue gun.) But, wait!!! Where are the after pictures you ask?? On their way!! Now, I must go, I've promised several new project post and I have work to do!!

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  1. OMG I cannot wait to see after photos! I'm sitting here like Audrey hurry! :) I'm completely with you on the dresser having legs. Every single piece of furniture I see that I love, including couches, chairs, tables, dressers, nightstand, etc...have to have legs...otherwise I'll have to put some on!



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