Sunday, February 27, 2011

Vanity DIY

Ready to transform your vanity from this...

to this...

Check out the full bath transformation here.

Well, it's actually easier than you might think. I looked everywhere for our specific size vanity and all I ever heard was, "We don't carry that size. We would have to do a custom order." The custom order quotes always came in at a price I was just not willing to pay! Finally, I decided it was time to DIY! After all, stain and new hardware is much cheaper than a custom vanity.

Stain: $8.00 (I used two different colors, but I already had one.)
Hardware: $17
Steel Wool: $2.00
Tack Rags: $3.00
Brush: $2.00
Sandpaper: $2.00

Total: $34.00!!!!
Estimate for Custom Vanity: $500
Grand Savings: $466!!!!

These are the actual stains I used. Bombay Mahogany Satin was the first coat and Antique Walnut Gloss was the second.

Remove the drawers and doors and get to sanding! You can use an electric sander or do it by hand depending on the size of your vanity.

Reminder: Make sure you always sand with the grain of the wood, and manually sand edges and small details.
Pictured above and below is the first coat of stain. Apply light amount and again go with the grain of the wood. Stain needs at least 6 hours to dry. Then, sand it again, this time using the steel wool. (You will need type 000 for the steel wool.) Use the tack rags to clean your vanity, doors and drawers after sanding with the steel wool. Then, apply your second coat.

More Reminders: Make sure you get everything you sanded cleaned up with the tack rags or your stain will not be smooth! I know this will shock you, but stain, stains! Make sure you cover your work space properly & wear gloves!!

Once everything is completely dry reassemble your vanity. Now just add your new hardware!

Tip: Take sandpaper to all the edges of your vanity to give it some character!

I'm so glad I didn't waste $500 on a custom vanity!

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  1. Your vanity turned out so good! I love poly-shades...I use them often.

  2. That turned out beautifully! Wait till you change out the faucet- I couldn't believe how much I loved such a quick fix. Your light fixture is beautiful too. Great job!

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