Sunday, March 6, 2011

Stylish Blogger Award

I'm so excited!!!! Lauren from West Furniture Revival awarded me with the Stylish Blogger Award!!! Thank you, Lauren!!

I've learned these are your duties when accepting this award:

1.  Thank and link back to the person who awarded you this award.
2.  Share 7 things about yourself.
3.  Award 15 recently discovered great bloggers.
4.  Contact these bloggers and tell them about the award.

Here are 7 things about Moi'!

My first plane flight was my freshman year of college! Sad I know! My first ocean visit was also my freshman year of college! Again, sad!
(As a side note: My mom as never traveled on a plane!) CRAZY!!

I seriously wish I could dance like the pros on Dancing with the Stars. Too bad it's not Dancing with Ordinary People so I could have a chance at being on the show!  How cool would I be if I had moves like this?

My dream vacation would be spent in Africa! I want to go on a safari ride soooo bad!! I can't even imagine how awesome it would be to see all those amazing animals in their natural habitats!

I don't drink milk. I'm fine if it's in food, I even eat cereal, but "I think I'll have a nice cold glass of ... milk? NEVER!!

I can't believe I'm sharing this as a crafter and DIYer, but here goes. I don't know how to work a sewing machine. There I said it! My mom gave me my Great Aunt's sewing machine over Christmas. I will learn! I can't wait to enter the endless possibilities of the sewing world!

I hate scary movies & the dark! Actually, I hate the dark because of scary movies! I would much rather be laughing!

I LOVE CHER!! I've never seen her in concert, but if I ever get to (I know, I'm running out of time) I would probably be that annoying person crying, dancing and absurdly singing along to every single song!  

Well, there you have it, seven random things about me. I hope if you "Could Turn Back Time" you would still read this post!! :o)

It's time to pass this on to 15 blogs! Here they are:


  1. Whoop! Thank you!! :D :D Now I have to go find my list of new to me awesome bloggers, lol! :D

  2. Thank you for the award. You are so sweet!
    I will pass it on this week.
    Thanks again!!!

  3. Thank you for the award Audrey :)
    really appreciate that!!

  4. Hey Audrey, thanks so much for the award! I'm really excited about it, it's my first (and probably only) one, so it means a lot! I'll have to get going on looking for other bloggers to pass it along to. Thanks again!

    P.S. - Robbie and I looked through some of your crafts and we are THOROUGHLY impressed! You have amazing stuff and I love your style. We live in a VERY old house (and I LOVE antiques), so some of your stuff I would die to have!

  5. Thank you so much for the award Audrey! I have already received this award and blogged about it, but I'll find someway to repay you! {wink} Thanks again!

  6. Audrey! Thank you sooo much for the Stylish Award!!! Rene from Cottage and Vine and YOU are the two people who have given me this fabulous now you're both on the top of my favorite people in the world list! ;) I've loved reading about all of your amazing crafts, you are so creative and talented! P.S. I NEVER drink milk, or watch scary movies either...and I'll join you on dancing with the stars!!



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